Pickering's Gin Baubles - Pick of the Crop Pre-orders

We'll pluck, pack & deliver Pickering's #GinBaubles by early October to GinFriends old and new. Sign up below and we'll send you the secret shop link!
Pickering's founders Matt & Marcus have been out hand-picking perfectly plump Pickering's Gin baubles ahead of the festive season. They're happy to report that 2017 promises to be a good year for Baubles!
We're busy bees here at Pickering's Gin - distilling, tinkering, ageing, bottling, labelling & waxing a range of gins from the former kennels of the old Royal (Dick) Vet School in Edinburgh. We like to make sure our #GinFriends are always to first the hear about our innovations.
So, of course, they get pick of the bauble crop!